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Sage's Commissions TOS

Mon Jan 3, 2011, 7:52 PM




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The following is Sage's Terms of Service for personal, non-commercial work. I will not do work-for-hire with this TOS. 

Future changes to this Terms of Service do not and will not apply retroactively unless it is a change that benefits the client.
When a client contacts me for work, they agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS the client might have.

Updated 9 March 2017

Contact Info

1. My preferred method of communication is email (arcturusfletcher[at] Full information and details need to be sent via email.

2. My secondary method of communication is deviantART Notes. This is only for quick exchanges and small inquiries.

3. I do not and will not give out any information regarding instant messaging.

I, the artist,

1. reserve all copyrights of the artwork regardless of the characters depicted.

2. retain the right to display the finished artwork in portfolios and online galleries with due credit to the commissioner. If you wish to keep the commission private for any length of time, speak with me! I am flexible.

3. reserve the right to issue takedown notices if my art is edited and reposted without permission.

4. reserve the right to cancel and issue a full refund at any time due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behaviour or the inability to communicate in effective English.

5. will not sell prints of my clients' characters without due permission.

6. reserve the right to exercise artistic interpretation and artist licence with a commission.

7. will not draw characters not belonging to the commissioner without written permission.

8. reserve the right to refuse to take on a commission for any reason.

You, the commissioner,

1. may repost the art at will with due credit to me where the site allows. If you repost on deviantART, for example, I will issue a takedown notice as reposting art not made by you is against the site's TOS.

2. retain all rights to your characters.

3. may use the art as references for other artists.

4. are not permitted to edit the piece without my permission, or pay/trade another artist to edit said piece.

5. may use the art in signatures, banners, website layouts etc.

6. may cancel your commission at any time.

7. are not permitted to commercially redistribute and/or mass-produce the art as prints. All personal commissions are solely for personal use.

8. may not share the full version of your file (filename usually ending in "_full" without the quotes) online. The small version is for sharing.


1. Do not send me payment. I will send an invoice to you before I begin working on your commission.

2. Payment method is Paypal only. 

3. I do not accept barters or trades for services.

4. Please give me a valid Paypal email to send an invoice to. Should the invoice bounce, I will inform you and not progress on your commission.

Edit/Approval Policy

1. I will allow a maximum of (3) free edits/alterations before I begin charging a small fee for each edit.

2. Edits and alterations are free if the mistakes are mine.

3. Once the artwork is complete, I will only permit changes to colour saturation and hue. 

Refund Policy

1. In the event that I am unable to work on your commission, you will be refunded in full.

2. In the event that you cancel before work has begun, you will be refunded in full.

3. In the event that you cancel while the work is in progress, you will receive a partial refund.

4. In the event that I cancel your commission while it is in progress, you will be refunded in full.

5. Artwork is non-refundable once completed and delivered.

I will draw

- Fancharacters
- Original Characters
- Kemonomimi (Humanoids with animal ears)
- Romance of any and all genders (M/M, F/F, M/F)

I will not draw

- Porn/Fetish artwork
- Gore and excessive violence
- Heavily detailed machinery, mecha and vehicles
- Erotica/Suggestive material
- Anthro/Animals
- Anything that I deem hateful in nature towards any person/ethnicity/orientation/religion etc

How to Commission Me (Mandatory)

Please send me an email at the address stated above with Commission stated in the subject and with the following form filled out in the body.

  • Name of character:
  • Your paypal:
  • Age of character: (if they look different than their real age, please tell me how old they look)
  • Race/species of character:
  • Gender of character:
  • Personality of character:
  • Job:
  • Important features/notes:
  • Image references: (min 1 image, no links to galleries, but I will accept links to image collections of the subject)
  • Theme/Requests: (optional)
1. Visual references are much preferred! I will take other artists' work and photos as references as well.

2. Please include a description of the character(s) personality/ies. I draw according to personality. I prefer a short description of up to 5-8 lines. Be concise and precise.

3. Send any and all references that are relevant and Safe For Work (SFW). I will not use references that are NSFW.

4. I will not draw complex backgrounds.

5. Feel free to suggest a theme or scene if you have a particular idea in mind!

Additional Info

  • Do you stream? No, sorry! I am not capable of providing streams at the moment.

  • Will you draw for me without visual references? Is there an additional fee? No, sorry! That comes under designing characters, and I would charge far more than that. An additional fee will not be enough.

  • What format will I get the files in? PNG and only PNG. I will not give out PSD or SAI files!

  • Can I get a print of my commission? I cannot do so due to an unreliable and slow postal service in my country. But you can print it out on your own!


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January 3, 2011


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